Webinar on 13/09/2023 about the Fulbright grant for educators, researchers and practitioners

We are bringing to the attention of our community a webinar about the Fulbright Scholar grant program, which is available to educators, researchers and practitioners, and which allows 3-6 months to lecture or research at accredited universities in the USA.


If you want to learn more about the details of the program - what are the criteria for selecting candidates, what does the program cover, how to apply, what to prepare for staying in the USA - register for the webinar below. You will be guided through the webinar by the program coordinator Dáša Tako Velichová, who will answer all the administrative and technical requirements. You will receive tips on how to proceed, what to avoid and what to watch out for

2. Informative Webinar on September 13


About Fulbright Slovak Scholar Program 2024/2025

Grant for university teachers, researchers and experts from practice.

The deadline for submitting applications

for the academic year 2024-2025 is October 17, 2023.

Fulbirght scholar 2023 - banner


A 3-6 month grant allows you to conduct research or lecture at any accredited university/research institution in the USA. You can apply in all scientific disciplines except clinical medicine.

What does the grant cover?

Monthly scholarship; return ticket; basic health insurance; allowance for family members; administrative provision of stay and visa to the USA.

For who is the grant intended?

For Slovak citizens / Applicants with completed PhD education or sufficient experience in the field / Applicants with a clear goal of what they will pursue in the USA.

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