Žofia Dubová: Somewhere between a place and a painting

The Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery in Nové Zámky presents a solo exhibition of Žofia Dubová, who in her work is devoted to the medium of painting and its overlaps, exploring the crossing of image boundaries and the theme of landscape.



  • Opening: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 5:00 p.m

  • Duration of the exhibition:

    • 30/5 – 8/7/2023


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Žofia Dubová in this exhibition

...finds inspiration primarily in her personal experiences and experiences from staying in the nature - not only from passive observation, but especially from activities in nature. The subjective view and perception of the visited place are a key springboard for her creation, in which three circles of subjects resonate: mountain/island/ocean and related motifs of natural elements, such as an avalanche, a volcano, a wave, or natural phenomena - the dawn. However, the author often leaves open the possibilities of interpretation of her works. In her work, she uses a wide range of tools and a combination of techniques, for painting she embroiders, she draws with pastel, red chalk, pencil... The exhibition will present a selection of works from the latest series of paintings and watercolors in combination with the current that was stimulated by last year's trip to the Himalayas, through scenes from the visit of Tatras, up to older works from the series Hra:na, Čakanie na diaľku, Od severu hora, or from the Ostrovy series, performed in new contexts. In addition to large-format paintings on canvas, there are also glass paintings and hanging installations presenting their combination. The ideological line of the exhibition follows several levels: the landscape as a theme, painting and its possibilities, the author's strategies for building the image as well as the contrasts between the theme and the materials or techniques used.


The title of the exhibition reflects the conceptual concepts present in the author's work. We can understand a place as a defined free space of a country, area, part of a whole. A concrete place and a place in our minds. An image in the sense of a work of art, its origin and continuation, as well as a depicted reality, idea, impression, or reflection of the visible, but also of what is hidden. What is found "somewhere" when the word itself expresses the indeterminacy of the place and "somewhere between" blurs or, on the contrary, determines the boundaries? Somewhere between the place and the image there is space, there is distance, there is a border, there is an experience, there is...


somewhere between the place and the image I am


About Žofia

Žofia Dubová (1991) completed her doctoral studies in 2022 in the Cabinet of Drawing with doc. Emöke Vargová at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. In the years 2010-2016, she studied painting in the studio of prof. Daniel Fischer. During her studies, she took part in several internships - in the glass studio at the AFAD, in Portugal or the USA. She exhibited at several individual and collective exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad. She is the recipient of several awards, in 2016 she received the AFAD Rector's Award and the Slovak Art Union Award, in 2017 she became the winner of VÚB's Painting of the Year and in 2018 she received the NOVUM Foundation award. Her works are in the collections of the Slovak National Gallery and MusVerre, Sars-Poteries, France. Works in Bratislava.