What's the Point? 03

Dear students, You are invited to the third meeting of the reading group at the MEDIUM Gallery entitled What's the Point? The meeting will take place at the MEDIUM Gallery on Hviezdoslavovo Square.

If you haven´t joined our Microsoft Teams via your student e-mail address, write us a message to

This time we have chosen the texts that are thematically related to current exhibition THERE THERE of Tomáš Moravanský, which brings into the gallery space certain elements that we know from the computer games.

If you are interested in topic of gender deconstruction in games, join us during the lecture From playing gender to playing with gender of the game theorist Tereza Krobová on Thursday, June 16th at 6pm.


  • Sherry Thurkle, The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, MIT Press, 2005 (1st edition 1984). - kapitola Video Games and Computer Holding Power, s. 65-90.
  • Helena Bendová, Umění počítačových her, úryvok
  • Graeme Kirkpatrick: Aesthetic theory and the video game, Manchester University Press, 2011, úryvok
  • Consalvo, Mia; Paul, Christopher A.; Real Games: What's Legitimate and What's Not in Contemporary Videogames;  Cambridge (Massachusetts): The MIT Press, 2019, úryvok
  • Tereza Krobová, Párkrát jsem si s Larou skočil: o obrazu ženských hrdinek v počítačových hrách a genderovanosti jejich hraní, in: MediaRes, 2/2014 Tomáš Moravanský, text k výstave THERE THERE

We expect you to read the texts (make notices) at home on your own and within the reading group we can discuss them together – in the reaction to the exhibition context as well. Texts are available as PDFs/.docs via our Microsoft Teams What´s the Point? (and they are for study purposes only).

Together with Dáša and Miroslav we are looking forward to seeing you!