What's the Point? 02

Dear students, You are invited to the second meeting of the reading group at the MEDIUM Gallery entitled What's the Point?

At the MEDIUM Gallery on Hviezdoslavovo Square

If you haven't joined our Microsoft Teams via your student e-mail address, write us a message to

This time we have chosen the texts that are in relation to the current exhibitions Unspoken Letter of Paulina Masevnina and Adam Michálek and Dizzeyland of Jelisaveta Rapaić. We will talk about the borders between erotic art and pornography, but also about the views on the human existance that got rid of the positive motivation. The range of texts include excerpts from books, articles or exhibition texts - some are directly referring to our lived contemporaneity or they are foreshadowing it. Others take a detour to history, which we can compare with our current state of things.


  • Buyung Chul Han: Vyhořelá společnost (excerpt)
  • Jean Baudrillard: The Ecstasy of Communication (excerpt)
  • Julie Reshe: Depressive Realism
  • Richard Shusterman: Ars Erotica: Sex and Somaesthetics in the Classical Arts of Love (excerpt)
  • Pawel Leszkowicz: Ars Homo Erotica (excerpt)
  • Jane Juffer: A Pornographic Femininity? Telling and Selling Victoria's (Dirty) Secrets
  • Roland Barthes: On Colour
  • Jelisaveta Rapaić: Dizzeyland (exhibition text)
  • Paulina Masevnina a Adam Michálek: Unspoken Letter (exhibition text)

We expect you to read the texts (make notices) at home on your own and within the reading group we can discuss them together  –  in the reaction to the exhibition context as well. Texts are available as PDFs/.docs via our Microsoft Teams What's the Point? (and they are for study purposes only).

Together with Dáša and Miroslav we are looking forward to seeing you!