We are young emerging designers

Jana Vaterková - textiles, Nina Abramovičová - jewelry, Kristína Ligačová - glass

Palác u Stýblů
Václavské náměstí, Prague

We want to show you a rich table with a unique author's design, which leads to considerations of sustainability and the need for the penetration of author's design into our environment. Discover the true value of original design, its uniqueness through craftsmanship and artistic expression. Taste our design in the form of installation of utility items (glass, jewelry, fashion and textile design). Experience a new breeze with us. We start, you are part of a new scene.


photo: Silvia Leitmannová @silvialeitmanova by @damson | FB: Silvia Leitmannova photographer

muah: Ivana Janigová @kdejepina

muse: Michaela Beňová @michaelabenova

For @czechdesignweek | FB: Czech Design Week - International Design Festival

for designers Jana Vaterková & Nina Abramovičová & Kristína Ligačová

Location and support: @vsvu_afad | VŠVU

glass design: Kristína Ligačová | @kristinaligac

jewelry design: Nina Abramovičová | @abramovicovanina | FB: Nina Abramovicova ART / jewelery

carpet and fashion: Jana Vaterková janevat.art | @ janevat._ | FB: JaneVat.

Nina Abramovičová is dedicated to the creation of jewelry, jewelry as a work of art, jewelry as a reflection of values, jewelry as an idea and as an alternative. Jewelry does not have to be just a superficial decoration, but it can hide a secret, an idea. It can be combinable, flexible, variable and playful. To achieve the goal, the board uses a variety of materials, from metal to various alternative and natural options that communicate well with creative craftsmanship and artistic sensibility. In addition to jewelry, she also works in graphics and illustrations for children.

Kristína Ligačová moves on different levels of the scale between design and fine art. She shapes and forms glass as a designer and gives it a useful function. Sometimes it is limited to working with the shape, but she also often tries to decorate it. Her artistic credo is, “When you understand others, you understand yourself. When you understand yourself, you understand the space of existence. When you understand the universe, you understand glass. ” Kristína Ligačová's main motive is the bubble, possibilities and limits in glass, process and time.

Jana Vaterková brings a work that perceives textiles as a multifaceted medium. It beautifies the space and the wearer, as its philosophy lies in the fact that the resulting utility object also becomes a work of art. It pays attention to quality craftsmanship, original design of the material using textile techniques.