Warm-up Party 2023: Maja Štefančíková & Kunsthalle Bratislava team & public, DJ Stroon

On Friday, March 3, 2023, the main exhibition space of the Kunsthalle Bratislava will be transformed into a "Tanzhalle". The dance event responds to the situation in the Kunsthalle Bratislava headquarters - in the House of Art, where it is cold due to energy-saving measures. The temperature in the building is around 13-18 degrees Celsius, which makes it difficult for female employees to work, as well as for visitors to perceive the exhibitions and program. Therefore, Maja Štefančíková, in cooperation with the Kunsthalle Bratislava team and DJ Stroon, prepared this dance event. Its goal is to raise the temperature with dance in the main exhibition space A Hall, where the Oskar Čepan Prize exhibition is currently being presented.


Venue: Kunsthalle Bratislava, A Hall


Important: Bring a fully charged phone with headphones



Warm Up Party 2023 takes the form of a silent disco, pointing to the energetic independence of the dancers, who listen to a live DJ set through headphones via their own phones. It is created from compositions selected by the employees of the Kunsthalle Bratislava and the National Awareness Center (located in the House of Arts building) and the public, who could participate in the selection of compositions through an open call. In this way, Maja Štefančíková offers a perhaps somewhat subversive manual for other institutions with the same problem, of which there are many in Slovakia.