Visitors - Lost in the digital age

Attitudes towards the effects of the digital revolution

Bratislava Design Week 2020 - Pandemic Edition
Zoya Gallery, Ventúrska 269/1, Bratislava

Implementation team: Sylvia Jokelová, Marián Laššál, Martin Franzen

Exhibiting students: Natália Golianová, Peter Leja, Peter Marjak, Juraj Olejár, Diana Paulová, Erika Remencová, Jakub Strbák

The experimental design studio led by Sylvia Jokelová and Marián Laššák is one of the youngest studios at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. It was founded in the autumn of 2019 and has had its first academic year. His concept is to discuss the need for a paradigm shift and a reassessment of the seemingly unchanging positions of design in a world that is slowly shifting to intangible digital space against the background of the looming climate crisis. It creates a space for a critical attitude towards the field of study, as well as the perception of a broader social, cultural, political, social or ecological context. The ideological framework of assignments ranges from basic concepts such as material, technology, form, function, through the solution of the relationship between object and user, object and environment to the role of design in society.

After crossing the boundaries of a new territory, we are forced to deal with a new situation, interpret it on the basis of our own experience, abandon the usual models and create a new, often unexpected reality that we are able to understand.

Students of the Studio of Experimental Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava present their own attitudes to the impacts of the digital revolution. They analyze the reality influenced by digitization from the position of an unbiased observer, although it belongs to the generation for which it is a common part of life.

The presentation is part of the research and educational project KEGA - Atelier Art design in the context of cultural and economic structures no. 006VŠVU-4/2018