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The Tour d’ICT (Iron Curtain Trail) formed the prologue to SUPER NATUR* (artistic interventions along the Iron Curtain Trail, Public Art Lower Austria)


With Jonathan Dellago, Leandra Erdödy, Celestína Minichová, Michael Plessl, Tomáš Prištiak, Tatiana Takáčová, Sarah Valovičová, Lin Wolf

curated by: Alexandra Berlinger, Ursula Maria Probst, Martin Wagner

In cooperation with:

Department of Sculpture and Space / Hans Schabus

Department of Site-Specific Art / Paul Petritsch

Department of Intermedia, AFAD Bratislava


The Tour d’ICT is a journey across borders in eight stages from Aigen in Mühlkreis in Upper Austria to Klingenbach in Burgenland. One art student from Slovakia and one from Austria met for a “blind date” and biked together for two stages, spending 48 hours together, before handing over the bikes to the next binational pair on the following stage. The SUPER NATUR team gave the students the task to capture, photograph, film, sketch, and describe in any way they wanted the concept of a shared border during their ride along the former Iron Curtain in an interdisciplinary way and then to share the results via social media in a blog. Is there a shared point of view? How do we discuss different perspectives? Are physical activities like biking stimulating for this? How do we influence each other? Does our meeting change my point of view? How does our movement or the choice of our means of transportation influence the environment?

Studio vvv (visual, verbal, public), AFAD Bratislava



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