Think Global, Create Local

We cordially invite you to the Pistori Palace to the Exhibition Think Global, Create Local, which is the result of the international project of the same name implemented in the years 2019 - 2021 at the Bratislava University of Applied Sciences.


Pistori palace, Štefánikova 25, Bratislava


Opening: December 5, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Duration: December 6. — 19, 2022

Exhibiting authors:

  • Jozef Bajus
  • Blanka Cepková
  • Beáta Gerbocová
  • Raija Jokinen
  • Karol Pichler
  • Atsuko Sasaki
  • Anna Štajglová
  • Jana Zaujecová
  • Studio of Fiber Art; AFAD Bratislava


Naďa Kančevová

Exhibition of an international project of contemporary textile creation

What can traditional textile techniques mean in the 21st century? How to revive craft and local textile tradition in a new way? How to place it in a wider supra-regional and global context? How to appeal to current environmental issues through creation? The exhibition Think Global, Create Local is the result of an international project of the same name implemented in 2019-2021 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava. The common denominator of an otherwise rather heterogeneous set of works is precisely the effort to re-apprehend and update traditional textile techniques and procedures: starting with the latest digital technologies, through various innovative possibilities of manual and artisan textile processing to working with waste or ephemeral materials. For some authors, the link to tradition and craft is more noticeable, for others, the original technology is revived with the most modern digital procedures, others are more inclined towards projects balancing on the edge of (textile) art and socioculture. As a whole, the exhibition is an interesting generational dialogue – a confrontation between the work of young budding artists and the work of already established personalities moving (not only) in the field of contemporary Fiber Art and Soft Art in Europe and overseas.


The exhibition is realized as part of the KEGA project.