The on-line exhibition “Spleen” (arch. spleen - melancholy, loss of certainty) was created as a student initiative supported by the Department of Printmaking and Other Media of the AFAD in Bratislava with the aim of presenting young art and its subjective monographic approach to point out current issues.


link will be avaible 22.1. 2021, 9.00 AM

The issue of certainty is the main thematic line of the project. Each of the authors touches on this topic in an intimate way through the perception of temporality, as she does in her photographic work Zuzana Jakabová, generational-personal identity in the objects of Renata Pintérová, exploring the question of home space in Barbara Gocníková's work (in the process of realization) and the creation of an illusory space of security in Lucia Žitnayová´s work. Each of the authors deals with a personal topic, but with an emphasis on involving and examining the attitude of the observer. Through the implementation of the project, we want to present the cooperation of various areas of visual art and departments of the AFAD. Encourage young artists leaving the AFAD institution to present their works and also point out the importance of communication on current issues. By realizing an online exhibition, we want to present the authors and the project in the online space. Although the online platform allows presentation only in a flat form, it uses new possibilities of 3D presentation and the creation of a so-called "trailer" of a physical exhibition. We consider this method of presentation to be positive in the dissemination of art in similar modern forms. Point out the possibilities of online spaces, although it is not possible to completely replace a real exhibition space. The physical exhibition should take place at the end of spring in Bratislava. 

Picture for on-line exhibition Spleen