The exhibition “Spleen” (arch. spleen - melancholy, loss of certainty) was created as a student initiative supported by the Department of Printmaking and Other Media of the AFAD in Bratislava with the aim of presenting young art and its subjective monographic approach to point out current issues.

Address: Trenčianska 53, Bratislava

Authors: Barbara Gocníková, Lucia Žitnayová, Zuzana Jakabová, Renáta Pintérová

Visual identity: Šimon Chovan
Curator: Oksana Hoshko
Author of the exhibition project and dramaturgy: Barbara Gocníková
In cooperation with the Department of Printmaking and Other Media, AFAD in Bratislava
Co-organizer: Mgr. art. Ing. arch. Andrea Pézman, ArtD.

The issue of certainty, sensitivity, melancholy is the main thematic line of the project. At the beginning of this year, the project of the exhibition was presented in a virtual space called SPLEEN-online exhibition, now we have the opportunity to realize the exhibition in a physical space (we couldn't wait for it).

The exhibition presents a cross-section of the work of four artists, whose work combines the theme of time, space and identity. Each of the authors sensitively perceives their immediate surroundings. Through various media, they share their own beliefs, experiences and reflections with the viewer. Despite the subjective basis of the works, the various codes are interconnected into a shared sense of “spleen”. From the exploration of the most intimate space of home, the space of security, peace, via thinking about this environment from the ground up, the perception of temporality and personal identity. By the implementation of the project, we want to present the cooperation of various areas of visual art and departments of the AFAD. Encourage young artists leaving the AFAD institution to present their works and also point out the importance of communication on current issues.
We are looking forward to seeing you.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.