Second Nature | Shape of Future Earth - Iteration One

We invite you to the opening of the June exhibition of students of Digital Arts from AFAD: Images of the Future World

At Home Gallery
Mliečňanská 7, Šamorín

Exhibiting authors:

Natália Zajačiková, Adela Lujza Lučeničová, Emma Zahradníková, Ján Konečný, Victoria Ann Bračoková, Miroslav Čuridlo, Prokop Findeis, Leonard Lofaj, Petra Kořenková, Kristian Shofranko, Dominik Devečka, Barbara Kowalczuková, Alexandra Gašparovičová

The presentation of the students of Digital Arts of the AFAD will be an exhibition of the works of the new AFAD study program. Within it, we try to understand the possibilities offered by new technologies and work with virtual reality, photogrammetry, 3D manufacturing. At the same time, we want to understand this tool without software and hardware predetermine their use, but the student's imagination helps to find new applications, possibilities and horizons. In the long-term research project of the Shape of Future Earth studio, we try to look at old and new models of world representation with new technologies and also enable innovation as new perspectives. In this exhibition in the synagogue, students also respond to the space and history of the place, using digital art to present the past, or even the future?


More information can be found at AT HOME GALLERY web.

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