SciFlow authoring platform webinar

SciFlow: How to simplify writing, citing, and publishing a research article or a Master/PhD thesis with SciFlow templates


More information and application:

The webinar will be in English. We will send a link to the webinar record to the registered users.

Collaboration of several authors on the creation of a professional article is not easy. In addition to the obvious need to ensure that the text is updated in real time so that everyone works with the current version, a number of requirements of the target journal must be met, from the structure of the text to the use of a specific citation style. Later, there is often a need to redesign the article to meet the requirements of another journal, which will trigger another round of reformatting and change.

Therefore, the SciFlow online authoring platform has been created and is currently used by, for example, the Max Planck and Helmholtz Society institutes and many public universities in Germany and Western Europe. SciFlow also assists students in submitting their qualifications as required by their university, etc.

Albertina icome Bratislava s.r.o. with the exclusive representation of SciFlow for Slovakia, it provides institutional licenses for all employees and students of the organization or licenses for teams of 5 to 50 users. The basic version for individuals is available free of charge. You can find more information at and of course we will be happy to answer your questions.