Rastislav Sedlačík: Behind the Painting (collateral damage)

FactoryLand / LandSKaping / Catcher Zone (re-paint, re-size, re-format, re-cycle, over-pain)

Považská Art Gallery in Žilina, exhibition space on the 1st floor

curators: Mira Sikorová-Putišová and Noro Lacko
graphic design and co-architect: Marcel Benčík

In recent years, the emphasis of Rastislav Sedlačík's art has shifted significantly from plein air or memory or structurally imagined landscape recording to complex polyphonic dialogue of various processes, creating a possible image of our landscape visual experience - from landscape image recording to process recording and process manipulation from which a landscape is emerging. The variables of the visual environment, such as the artistic tradition of landscape painting, popular shared notions of landscape painting, spontaneity-driven ingenuity of untrained do-it-yourselfers, voracious developmental amusement, but also a significant daily oscillation of random and legitimate natural processes, and extinction. Paintings - landscape constructions here were the events of the urban periphery, the boundaries of mutual contact between urban and natural landscapes, places of indistinguishable attachment and entanglement of the edges of civil-urban and natural.

Excerpt from the text by curator Noro Lacko

The realization of the exhibition from public sources was supported by the Slovak Art Council. The Slovak Art Council is the main partner of the project.

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