Tomáš Prištiak: Lilies of the Field and the Birds of the Air (sound piece) 13. 8. 17:00

We cordially invite you to Schraubmarov mlýn for presentation of sound piece by Tomáš Prištiak.

The event will take place in the building of SNG The Schraubmar Mill in Pezinok, at Cajlanská 255, Pezinok.

The three-hour presentation of the sound work will last from 17:00 to 20:00; admission is voluntary.


Søren Kierkegaard in his essay Lilies of the Field and Bird of the Sky talks about the necessity of existence outside the realm of "human concerns", which is temporary - in the existential auditorium temporary. Flowers or birds are just there. Their timelessness, says Kierkegaard in his commentary on the gospel parable text, teaches us to see and hear the world without the past and to realize the world regardless of human time, which deals with time concepts in the “world of human concerns” (yesterday, last year, bu blowing the moon) as a practical apparatus, ignoring the fading temporality of these terms.

The world as we commonly perceive it is a place of dangers and unconscious processes. Deep perception helps us to uncover the layers in which we find simple examples of self realization instead of various forms of documentaryism.


Lilies of the Field and The Birds of the Air is an audio work in two modules by Tomáš Prištiak. The first module will take place in the exterior of Schaubmar's Mill and thanks to a special calibration introduction it has the character of performative guiding the listener. The second module of the work is the sound performance itself, which will take place in the barn, where in the geometric line between four speakers, the author will work with field recordings going into his author's, composed sound performance, which according to Tomáš Prištiak "here is not a meditation, but a concentrated common nonverbal discourse into the contradictory amount of heard material: there is a sound flowing through time yet timeless quality of an event in which our consciousness creates hearing itself. “

The sound work was created as an exit from the residence, which Tomáš Prištiak took as the first and only selected residents to the exhibition Disappearing Body at the turn of February and March 2022, when the war in Ukraine interrupted the residences to the exhibition due to provision imposing residential housing for emigrants from Ukraine.


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