Premiere of Fashion Film of Studio of Fashion Design

Discover the bachelor's and master's theses of graduates of the Studio of Fashion Design  of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in film processing!

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Due to the pandemic and security measures, it is not possible for our students to present their work physically at a fashion show this year, which has become an annual tradition of ending the semester and presenting graduate clothing collections to the general public. Therefore, our students have chosen as an alternative the shooting of a short fashion film, in which they will present their bachelor's and master's collections of clothing.

This year's and last year's graduates of bachelor's and master's degrees will present their work in the film.

This year's graduates:

Mgr. art.

Alexandra Kondačová - "New Dimension"


Michaela Turanska - "My Life"
Julia Brnakova - "The Chance"
Ivana Janigova - "Antinomy"
Dominika Paška Párnická - “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”
Natália Repkovská - “The Artist‘s Salon”

CATWALK - last year's graduates:

Mgr. art.

Mária Štvrtecká - "Identity"


Silvia Leitmann - “I‘m Virginia Too”
Monika Mandac - "Out Of The Blue"
Karolina Ulrichova - “Where are the Pink Elephants”
Jana Vaterková - “Girl”
Žofia Marcineková - "The Hidden Glory"

Cameraman - Barbora Vaculová

Other studios and departments will be presented at exhibitions in various locations in Bratislava from 11 August this year.

We are also continuing the successful online Digital Survey project. From August 20, 2021, it will be possible to view diploma theses on the website