Peter Barényi: LALALAND

We cordially invite you to the WAX2 club to experience Peter Barényi's environment. It is a visual memento of a time when clubs were not accessible. It captures and displays what was missing during the pandemic.


  • WAX 2

    • Štúrova 3, Bratislava


  • January 24 - 25, 2024, 17:00 - 21:00

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  • Photos: Andrea Juneková
  • Sound recordings from clubs: Fero Király
  • Sound compositions: Fatima Njai & Jérome Sydenham
  • Light design: Christian Frank a Matúš Bancej
  • Technical support: Gutenart
  • Poster and visuals: Branislav Konko


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Annitation of the author

LALALAND is a term that describes the state of being out of reality. It has a double meaning in this project. Firstly, it depicts a state during a party and club environment, which worked differently during the pandemic. They were either closed or became useful in different ways. The second meaning of this term is depicted in photographs shot during the pandemic by Andrea Juneková, and in sound recordings by Fero Király.


The photographs became the base for large objects. They present a pastiche of materials that are typical for the club environment. A time capsule. The shape of lightboxes mimics a carton ceiling which hides lights in the Panorama bar in Berlin. The outer case is made out of glass used for crafting disco balls - the most common type of club equipment. The carton stands on legs made out of neon tubes. One of the legs imitates concrete which is typical for the interior of alternative clubs, except it's shaped into a simple sculpture in the design style of the 1970s. Another leg is inspired by shining boards with drink menus. Everything is mixed up with light choreography from the production of Christian Frank and Matúš Bancej.

The entire spectacle takes place on the dance floor of a club, a place which is usually busy with people having fun.

An important part is the soundtrack. It changes from a recording of empty clubs into a club banger which has been professionally crafted by a Berlin-based duo Fatima Njai & Jerome Sydenham. The soundtrack is not playing for an audience looking for fun. It enlivens three objects that serve as a memory of a time when there was no music in clubs and when clubs didn't serve as a means for reducing stress and connecting people.

The environment is a visual memento of a time when clubs weren't available. It captures and presents what I missed during the pandemic.


Peter Barényi


Project was supported using public funding by the Slovak Arts Council

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