5th edition of the exhibition in the premises of the historic orphanage in Modra

Vajanského 77, Modra 900 01

The orphanage in Modra was established as a "nest of rescue", a refuge for orphans, homeless children. It was built based on the project of the well-known architect Dušan Jurkovič and was built thanks to the financial support for which the whole Slovakia was collecting. The initiator of the idea and the founder in 1913 was the Evangelical priest Samuel Zoch. The building ceased to serve its purpose in 1951. But it was not destroyed by the two world wars. It is currently empty because it needs to be renovated. The orphanage building is managed by the ECAV Church Choir in Modra. Thanks to its support, the Art Nouveau orphanage has been providing a haven for young artists since 2017. Once a year, it opens its gates and becomes an exhibition space with a strong genius loci. The initiator and main organizer of this year-to-year developed site-specific project is the art group S I R O T I N E C, whose members are connected by this place and their relationship to it. The theme of the 5th year of the exhibition is Repetition and Difference, to which young artists respond in their newly created works not only with regard to this historical place, but also under the influence of their own experience of the still current pandemic situation. The exhibiting authors, in addition to the members of the group, are another 30 young artists selected by public open-call selection. A special guest of the exhibition is Klaudia Kosziba. The gates of Orphanage 5 will open on Friday September 3rd at 3pm. The exhibition will be opened by curator Lucia Kotvanová. This year's Orphanage will also be enriched by a Saturday accompanying program in the form of a set of art performances by some exhibiting artists in the orphanage building and an evening screening of a selection of short films by VŠMU students in cooperation with the DaFilms platform at Lýceum - an independent center for cultural and educational activities.

Members of the group S I R O T I N E C / Event organizers:
Samuel G. Dzurek, Ivana Sapuová, Viktoria Gajdošová, Vivien Kvasnicová, Pavol Lipa, Timotej Kosmel, Michal Šulík

Exhibiting authors:
Gréta F. Homzová, Radim Straka, Jakub Oslík, Lila Gomboš, Kateřina Dobřanská, Laura Fiľáková, Lukáš Procházka, Marco Rapant, Matúš Novosad, Kasha Potrohosh, Gabriela Halás, Kateřina Durďáková, Patrik Hujo, Sarah Valovičová, Richard Hronský, Denis Braun, Sarah and Fanny Pekarčíková (duo), Vendula Heřmanská, Jonáš Paučula, Matúš Kurdel, Andrej Grohoľ, Dorota Jedináková, Simon Jeništa, Ema Šutovcová, Celestína Minichová, Magdaléna Rybanská, Paula Gogola, Michaela Moravčíková, Sára Gottsteinová

Special guest of the exhibition: Klaudia Kosziba

Musical guests: Future sound of Petržalka, Jablko Noci, Puf a Muf, Shallov., Kristie Kardio, Stroon

Accompanying program: Kundy Crew Workshop, Screening - Short films from the Academy of Performing Arts

Exhibition curator: Lucia Kotvanová

Program 03.09.2021 in the premises of the orphanage in Modra:

15:00 - Future sound of Petržalka

17:00 - opening of the exhibition

18:00 - Apple of the Night

19:00 - Puff and Muff

20:00 - Shallov.

21:00 - Kristie Cardio

Program 04.09.2021 in the premises of the Lýceum in Modra:

15:00 - Kundy Crew Workshop

16:00 - set of art performances: Clear Collective

18:00 - Stroon

19:00 - screening of short films by students from the Academy of Performing Arts in Lýceum

Event partners:

ZSE Foundation

ECAV Modra

Lýceum Modra

KC Modra

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vystavasirotinec

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Art group Sirotinec, o.z

Statutory: Samuel G. Dzurek

tel. No .: 0902 234 009

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