Open discussion on the issue of (barrier-free) accessibility: Cesta mesta

Zorka Lednárová, MA under the auspices of the Medium Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts cordially invites you to an open discussion on the issue of (lack of) barriers connected with the opening of a multimedia installation entitled CESTA MESTA We would be pleased to welcome you on 22.6.2023 at 16:00 in the courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design - Pálffy Palace, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, 81437 Bratislava


  • Courtyard of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design - Pálffy Palace, Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, 81437 Bratislava


  • June 22, 2023 from 4 p.m.


About the open discussion

We invite you to an open discussion on the issue of (un)barrierlessness, which is an accompanying program of Zorka Lednárová's exhibition: Cesta mesta at the Medium Gallery. The intention of the interdisciplinary discussion is to raise the issue of barriers in our society on a broader platform among representatives of higher education, the municipality, as well as initiatives and individuals who draw attention to the issue of the barrier-ness of public spaces. The topic will be the suggestions and perspectives of wheelchair users and proposals for conceptual solutions, such as the National Debarrier Programme and Accessibility in Universal Design - Trends, Opportunities, Learning and Implementation.

The discussion will include the opening of a multimedia installation in the courtyard of Pálffy Palace.

The installation with an experiential obstacle course will be available to the public here throughout the summer.


Moderator: Michal Hvorecký

Invited guests:

  • doc. Ing. arch. Lea Rollová, PhD. - research and training centre for barrier-free design (CEDA), Faculty of Architecture and Design STU
  • Mgr. art. Danica Pišteková, ArtD. - Department of Architectural Design, VŠVU
  • Mgr. Tibor Köböl - social counselor, deputy chairman of the National Council of Citizens with Disabilities, co-founder of the Muscular Dystrophy Organization in the Slovak Republic, "barrier-free" user
  • Mgr. PhDr. Peter Štaffen, PhD., LL.M. - "barrier-free" user and his subjective view on the topic
  • Ing. Tatiana Kratochvílová 1st Deputy Mayor of the Capital of the Slovak Republic
  • Mgr. Veronika Veslárová - founder of the initiative Let's remove barriers in our country
  • Zorka Lednárová, MA - artist and initiator of open discussion, the need for change in the perception of the topic of barriers for people in wheelchairs.


Program of the meeting:

  • Accessibility in universal design - trends, opportunities, learning and implementation.
  • Authentic experiencing and defining the issue of barriers in our society - subjective perspectives of wheelchair users, their active suggestions and initiatives in needs and subsequent changes from the socio-legal-policy perspective .
  • Plans vs. implementation of accessibility in the city. What are the opportunities for improvement and solutions in barrier removal.
  • User barriers as a starting point for contextual art.
  • A program of debarrierization.


The project was supported from public funds by

  • Bratislava Self-Governing Region and
  • Bratislava City Foundation.



  • SPP Foundation,
  • Bittner,
  • Organization of Muscular Dystrophy in Slovakia,
  • Slovlak,
  • Bratislava City Gallery,
  • Bratislava - Old Town