Martyna Basta + Richard Hronský

We cordially invite you to a concert where Richard Hronský from the Department of Photography and the Polish artist Martyna Basta will perform. The concert will take place on Thursday 09/05/2024 in T3 (Cultural Resource) on Tyršovo nábreží in Bratislava.



  • Thursday 9.5.2024 from 19:30 CET

    • Admission is voluntary, recommended 8,-


Martyna Basta

is a prominent figure of the flourishing Eastern European experimental-ambient scene. Gentle atmospheres that balance on the edge of freshness and eeriness have been gaining well-deserved attention from critics and audiences for several years.

After studying guitar, Basta left the academic environment and replaced her original instrument with a synthesizer. She soon developed a unique way of composing that incorporates modulated voice, electronics and field recordings. In more recent recordings, she also returns to the guitar and other acoustic instruments, which complete her unique signature.

Her great last year's album Slowly forgetting, barely remembering released on Warm Winters Ltd. shows scenes from the blurred edges of memory. She is precise in her sense of detail, and again creates immersive, emotional, deep and dreamy atmospheres.

“The Polish ambient musician channels deep-seated melodic instincts on her exploratory and enchantingly enigmatic new album.” Pitchfork

“Microtonal zither twangs, off-world vocals and k-hole sonic wonders characterise Martyna Basta’s brilliant second album, a crepuscular muddle of improvisations and granular invocations." ” Boomkat

“Basta’s work is often described as diaristic, but rather than a musical memoir, Slowly Forgetting, Barely Remembering reads more like an emotive, impressionist sketch. Vague forms approximate places she’s been, and broad strokes imply the movements she’s making. The details aren’t clear, but they don’t have to be; the feeling is all there.”
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Richard Hronský

is a Bratislava-based artist who recently became widely known as the initiator of the Rozptyl project. His second album was released by the Slovak-international publishing house Warm Winters ltd.. "On his second full-length album, Slovak dreamer Richard Hronský creates weightless soundscapes in which he combines processed environmental recordings with crackling synthesizer loops, baroque fragments, frozen drones and penetrating, rich noise ," British Boomkat wrote about the album. The album, on which we find drones and a flurry, is a heavy meditation on the theme of loss for most of its length. The almost 45-minute footage in eighteen tracks naturally flows from gentle arpeggios through cool drones or layered voices and creates a beautiful, downright ethereal experience.

The CLOSURES album was ranked among the best albums of the last year according to the Kapitál monthly.



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