We cordially invite You to Martin Hrvol exhibition: THE GARDEN OF THE PRECARIATE into Turiec gallery in Martin.



Turčianska gallery in Martin - former depository in the garden,

665/2,Daxnerova 03601 Martin


Exhibition duration: December 15, 2022 - February 3, 2023



"By the time the cracks are healed, the ground will level and the space will become sterile, while the water will find its own way to freely undermine our walls and roots, we still have time. We have time to watch how nature becomes a subject with its own interests, with its own demands, manifestos and rights. We have time to be part of these manifestos... This precarious situation."


Learn more in the attached press release (Slovak).



Martin Hrvol's exhibition presents a set of objects and installations, such as small architectures and gardens and habitats. The intermingling of architectural and organic forms creates a space in which the dichotomy of civilization and nature plays out as interconnected elements of our world in time anthropocene.