Lecture by student Yaryna Lahoda about her fashion creation 18.5.

As part of the Night of Museums and Galleries event in Bratislava, you can also look forward to a lecture on the fashion work of YARYNA LAHODA.





The concept of the SPOMYN collection, which is part of the TRADITION UNTRADITIONAL: LINEN AND HEMP exhibition, is the theme of sustainability in fashion through a return to craftsmanship and local production of textile materials.

The goal of the author Yaryna Lahoda, a master's student at the AFAD, is the transfer and transformation of archaic elements of form, cut variations and textile techniques of Ukrainian traditional clothing. The collection uses natural materials such as hemp, linen, cotton and wool. In her work, the author tries to draw attention to the ecological crisis.


Yaryna Lahoda: 1.
Yaryna Lahoda: 2.
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