Kika Tomaňa – Paradox World

Kika Tomaňa, a student of the Studio of Fiber Art at AFAD under the guidance of doc. Blanka Cepkova MA. presents his diploma thesis at the exhibition

Zichy Old Town Gallery, Ventúrska 9, Bratislava

PARADOX WORLD is a contradictory world full of contrasts and absurdities, where there is no need to look for meaning. Nonsense has clearly taken a leading position in society. A world where beneficial things need extraordinary names to be noticed at all. Where natural evolution occurs, the unnatural becomes common, and the natural is not common. Dividing is a major feature, as are overcrowding, abundance, extravagance and delusion. Everyone fights for their own truth, even if no one is right. The fight takes place on every corner, maybe in each one separately. A place where the notion of power has a bitter undertone and power is associated with aggression. Free will is confused with restraining others, pretense is hidden behind benevolence, and benevolent is considered naive. Spontaneous expression of emotions can be considered madness, and joyful laughter borders on provocation. The important thing becomes irrelevant, and the important thing probably doesn't matter anymore.

With an installation with a large tapestry, an empty throne and sculptures of tigers, the author manifests her attitude to power, power and the world. The greatest power is power over oneself. Creating a juicy life is power! The chance to be kind is an opportunity. Nobility is a desire. The ability to enjoy is a gift, great wealth, the ability to appreciate is a pure treasure!

The priority medium that the author deals with in her work is hand weaving on a two-war digital jacquard loom TC2 and a textile sculpture.

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