Katharina Arndt & Zuzana Svatik: DIVAS AFTER WORK

The exhibition DIVAS AFTER WORK will present Zuzana Svatik's ceramic works and Katharina Arndt's paintings. In their work, both authors playfully work with archetypes of femininity in pop culture. The exhibition explores two perspectives, a multi-layered and contradictory idea of a woman, thus creating tension in the white cube space of the Station Gallery.



  • Opening: Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 7 p.m.

  • Wxhibition duration:

    • 6. 6. – 7.7. 2023


Divas After Work Svatikova banner


Both Arndt and Svatik will present a stimulating dialogue about power dynamics and performative aspects of femininity. With a flair for pop culture, they fill questions of identity in the postmodern, digital age with humor and playfulness.



  • Helena McFadzean (AT)


Katharina Arndt

(born. 1981)

is a contemporary German artist who lives and works between Berlin and Barcelona. She studied at the art school in Braunschweig, completed her master's degree with John Armleder. Her elemental and colorful paintings satirize the current mass consumer aesthetic of a decadent society of abundance by depicting her everyday life in the digital age. Katharina Arndt has had several solo exhibitions, exhibited in Barcelona at the Uxval Goches Gallery and in Copenhagen at the Strayfield Gallery. Her works are part of international collections from London (Saatchi Collection) to Berlin (Sammlung Haupt).


Zuzana Svatik

(born. 1993)

is a visual artist who works primarily in the medium of ceramics, drawing and painting. In his work, he critically reviews the function and potential of applied art in contemporary society. She is currently a doctoral student at the University of Applied Sciences in Bratislava. Svatik, whose acclaimed ceramic work won her the "Rookie of the Year" award at the National Design Award (2021), recently concluded her residency in Paris with a solo exhibition at Galerie Lefebvre et Fils in Paris. She presented other important exhibitions in the Vunu Gallery (Košice) and Miart (Milan).



Project realized in cooperation with Primecut Contemporary Culture.

Primecut Contemporary Culture is an independent consulting company operating in the field of visual art, based in Bratislava.