Jaroslav Kyša: All Those Things We Never Thought Would End

We cordially invite you to the opening of the Jaroslav Kyša exhibition in ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN gallery in Bratislava


ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava, Mierová 7, 82105 Bratislava



Opening on Friday 30 Sep, 6 - 8 pm



When Aristotle, writing in the distant past, proposed his definition of time, it was naturally a definition bound up with ourselves, the human beings. The principal motif was changeability: his time was played out in our sense experience, and its lead actor was change. But did this time exist also before Aristotle? How and where is a deep time revealed, which goes beyond the short-lived flash of the history of humanity? How to imagine the enormous depth of geological time without observable change?

Jaroslav Kyša in a solo exhibition entitled All Those Things We Never Thought Would End in Zahorian & Van Espen Gallery, offers a representative view of his current work, whose beginnings go back to the pandemic summer of 2020. Poetically, and at the same time coolly, he offers a visual essay thematically following on from his previous exhibition projects (I Was Keeping It All Safe for You, Zahorian & Van Espen Gallery, 2019; Order of Waves, Synagogue - Centre of Contemporary Art, 2021, Breathe Deeper, Should You Need to Come Back, VUNU gallery, 2022)./ Erik Vilím, curator


Jaroslav Kyša (*1981, Žilina) lives and works in Bratislava. He studied at the Free Creativity 3D Studio at the Faculty of Arts at the Technical University in Košice and the Spatial Communications + Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he currently works as an assistant at the Department of Intermedia. He has completed residencies in New York (ISCP, Brooklyn Langer Residency), Leipzig (Halle 14), and Slovenia (CELEIA). In 2011 he was a laureate of the Szpilman Award; in 2017 he won the NOVUM Foundation’s main prize, and he has twice been a finalist for the Oskár Čepan Award (2004, 2014). His works are part of collections in private hands, and also those of the East Slovak Gallery in Košice and The Museum of Art Žilina. The artist is represented by Zahorian & Van Espen Gallery.



Trvanie výstavy: 3. 10. - 30. 11. 2022 



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