Jana Kapelová – Schooling to work

Today, the blurred line between work and leisure has made the topic of work relevant again. There is permanent work, (self) precarization, burnout, schooling - the formative power of the organization (Ondrej Kaščák).

SNG – Sachaubmarov mlyn, Cajlanská 255, Pezinok

In the performative lecture, the author Jana Kapelová works with quotes from the sources of testimonies of women working in the field of visual art. In the author's research, he puts the patterns of the educational system in the context of understanding work, learning work ethics, adapting to the hierarchical structure of society and, above all, incorrect thought technologies (Barry Schwartz). He considers the essence of the problem of generally absent self-realization to be a system of thinking that cannot be changed without self-knowledge leading to an emancipated notion of personal freedom.

The project was supported from public resources in the form of a scholarship by the Fund for the Support of the Arts.