Jan Michl: Modernism and functionalist design theory

We cordially invite you to prof. Jan Michl, PhDr. lecture: Modernism and functionalist theory of design.


  • AFAD in Bratislava, room H 135

    • Hviezdoslavovo sq. 18.


  • 18. 10. 2023  from 9 a.m.


Jan Michl

Jan Michl is a Czech historian and design theorist who has lived and worked in Norway for a long time. He is Emeritus Professor of Design History and Theory at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).

He is well-known among the design community in Slovakia and the Czech Republic mainly thanks to his publications So we say form follows function (2003) and its expanded edition Funktionalismus, design, škola a trh (2012). The books are collections of essays in which he critically examines and analyzes issues of the nature of the design profession, teaching design, the market, but especially functionalism and modernist philosophy, which is his main research topic.

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