Impersonations - Personifications of the artist Ján Fekete

The works shown in the exhibition "Zosobnenia – Personifikácie" convey the artist's unique view of urban motifs and landscapes.

TÜV SÜD Office Gallery and ag. Amymon
BC Kerametal, Jašíkova 2, Bratislava

Curator: Ľudmila Pašková

The principle of artistic representation is the abstraction of reality into a play of shapes and colors. The artist is not concerned with vividness or legibility in his depictions, but with the emotional impact of the images he presents in this exhibition.

Ján Fekete

  • was born in 1958 in Buzice, Slovakia
  •  studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, painting with Associate Professor Stoklass; studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, painting with Professor Adolf Frohner; studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, painting with Professor Jürgen Raipka; 1990 Diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
  • from r. 1990 teacher at VŠVU in Bratislava, 1996 appointment as associate professor at VŠVU in Bratislava
  • 1994 - 1996 teacher at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna
  •  lives and works in Vienna and Bratislava