I lend my world to yours

We invite you to an exhibition of students of the studio of the visiting teacher at the AFAD.

Open gallery, Baštová 5, Bratislava

Authors: Borek Brindák, Róbert Ferko, Petra Hrúziková, Michaela Kacsiová, Alexandra Smolková, Kristína Vavrová

Exhibition curators: Oto Hudec and Juraj Rattaj

In a social environment where tensions between various closed opinion groups are rising, there is more need than ever to seek dialogue. One where all parties involved listen and try to put themselves in the situation of the other side. Getting into a situation, into someone else's everyday life, no matter how demanding and in an absolute position unattainable, is a form of training, it is a prerequisite for dialogue, as well as for communication in an art school environment.

Empathize with living beings other than human beings, in turn, is a prerequisite for transforming our relationship with the environment - from the ordered, hierarchical to the connection with both living and non-living nature.

The work on this exhibition is loosely based on these considerations, but in many ways they exceed them. A form of dialogue, often with another, sometimes close person, is present in many works. From the possibility for the visitor to feel the manifestations of sleep paralysis through a multimedia installation (Borek Brindák), to a video-insight into the everyday life of the family, where both parents are deaf (Petra Hrúziková). By immersing oneself in a person's personal archive, it is sometimes possible to better understand the experience of the complicated history of the 20th century in Central Europe than through historical documents (Alexandra Smolková). And this experience is much more relevant today, when perhaps unexpectedly many tragic histories of the 20th century are mirrored. Equally relevant is the effort to understand and comprehend (and ultimately help) the people who have fallen victim to conspiracy theories. But finding solutions is challenging and time-consuming, with uncertain conclusions. The first starting point is therefore a personal coping with such situations, which often change relationships in families (Kristína Vavrová). In volatile times, it is also a starting point to look for points in the past - for example, in the family tradition, in reproducing crafts that have existed for decades and are very difficult to survive in the digital age. It can also be, for example, the production of a musical instrument used for communication and signaling (Róbert Ferko). Finally, in addition to the difficulty of surviving in an increasingly gentrified city, it is important to perceive the processes that affect rising property prices and the unavailability of housing. For example, through a subversive video that tries to identify with the role of a real estate agent.

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