Guided tour of the exhibition RE:POSTER

The guided tour through the exhibition RE:POSTER with the curator will take place on January, 10th at 6pm and will be held in Slovak language.


MEDIUM gallery, Hviezdoslavovo sq. 18, Bratislava



Exhibiting artists and jury members: Marcel Benčík (SK), Lex Drewinski (PL), Rikke Hansen (DK), Li Xu (PRC), Vasyl Kosiv (UA)


The history of one of the oldest standardized versions of visual communication - the poster - is truly exciting both in the political and commercial spheres. In the 20th century, the poster caused a great stir and spread to the streets of the metropolis and further mutated into the digital spaces of the giant screens in which we live today. The name of the exhibition RE:POSTER plays with the term "poster" in the meaning of "poster", but also as a designation of a person who reposts various images on the network. It thematizes the poster's power to respond to current events, its rapid spread and circulation in both the physical and digital worlds, but also our constant (sometimes mindless) sharing and reposting. The field in which graphic designers move today is becoming more fluid and ambiguous, and it is interesting to observe different strategies for making visuals visible in different spaces and environments.


You can find more information about the exhibition in the older invitation.