Guided tour and finishing of the exhibition Haraway's Children

We invite you to say goodbye together with artists to the first this years´ exhibition at the MEDIUM Gallery entitled Haraways´ Kids, which introduced the works of Pavel Baghy, Lištica (Lucie Lienerová), Kasha Potrohosh and Ján Šutvay within the curatorial concept of Miroslava Urbanová.

In the last weeks we hosted in the exhibition a new reading group for student What´s the Point? and the first two lectures from the series New Interfaces of Zuzana Husárová and Michaela Kučová, who devoted their attention to the topics of accelleration of technological progress in the literature and music. We will continue with these activities through new exhibitions, with new topics and lecturers further, but we would like to say goodbye to this pilot exhibition of the programme that is devoted to presentation of students and graduates of fine arts in the interdisciplinary contexts.

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This project was financially supported by Bratislava Self-Governing Region Council.