Haraways' Kids

Exhibition Haraways' Kids presents four points of view concerning the everchanging interfaces of our perception and cognition of the world, which are influenced by the accelleration of technological progress.

without an exhibition opening

artists: Pavel Baghy, Lištica (Lucie Lienerová), Kasha Potrohosh, Ján Šutvay

curator: Miroslava Urbanová

Exhibition is based on an assumption of a certain degree of technological reciprocity, i.e. as we shape the world around us through constant technological adjustments, the technologies shape us as well. They do so not only by influencing our physical hardware – there the symptoms range from so-called texting fingers and backs to carpal tunnel syndromme. They do so through more subtle changes as well – by shortening our attention span, through updates of our bodies with various devices, which enable us to enhance our performance, e.g. in sports, or to see behind our perceived material reality. These updates take their toll in what we call the nature – through extraction of rare earth materials, which are neccessary to produce our everyday technological gadgets or through cruel experiments on non-human beings in our anthropocentric hierarchy. Exhibited artists point to these updates within the discourse on posthuman, in different media, in the good and the bad, on an unstoppable train of the so-called progress of mankind. Their works make in certain sense visible some anachronisms in our thinking of and through technology, which persist in our language used to describe things and phenomena as well – train is in fact no longer the fastest means of transportation, but it was for sure a symbol of the technological progress in the 19th century, its flagship – but here we go again in the direction of the 17th century and another narratives...