Gréta Fedora Homzová: Someone is robbing me

We kindly invite everyone to the opening of Gréta Fedora Homzová's exhibition "Someone is robbing me" on Saturday 9. March at 18:00 in Next Apache on Panenská 28.



  • Opening: Saturday March 9, 2024 from 6 p.m.

  • Trvanie výstavy: 10. 03. – 04. 04. 2024


Curator: Richard Hronský


I doubt that we will all come to a complete understanding of the matter, the surroundings and ourselves. Matter, surroundings and self is happening at all. In various orders and lengths. Childhood, as a primary stage, is fragile in its inner and outer characteristics, whether it marks the same primary stage of the disintegration of thinking. Just as a man must himself touch an gowing object, and become convinced of pain, so must he try to strike another man, and find out about inflicting pain on another. Whether the striker understands the consequence of his act as a regret of the injury, or as a desire to go on is a mystery. But it is not in man's nature to do purposive evil.

G.F. Homzová retains the observation of being much like the observation of contradiction. She says: "There is a strange restlessness and fear in being upon the earth. Life, however, is the best thing that can happen to man. That is why extinction is the best place for origination." Her work aptly illustrates that density. It is mature and lived-in.


Richard Hronský


Gréta Fedora Homzová (2003)

apart from her distinctly humorous, clever and creative nature, is passionate about drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and art theory. The dominant position in her imagery is the figurative motif, which she literally models with vigor and action. They are depictions of diverse human miseries, from childhood and the idea of childhood traumas to lived mental lows and disintegrations. With Homzová, it doesn't matter whether the material is randomly found in public transport, on the sidewalk, or bought in a store. A more raw approach is definitely becoming more appreciated.

Gréta Fedora Homzová is currently studying Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. She has exhibited in the collective exhibitions Sirotinec (2021, 2023), Vystavenisko (2022), Osvit (2022) and Rozptyl (2023). With her sister Tereza Fedora Homzová, under the BA21 project, they map local peer subcultures and have published three full-length zines.


Fedora Homzová - poster