Extase – Klaudia Korbelič & Lenka L. Lukačovičová

The Extase exhibition is loosely inspired by the Czech film of the same name from 1932 (dir. Gustav Machatý), which was one of the first of its kind to attract attention with its artistic values ​​and at the same time provoked contradictory reactions through scenes with a naked representative in natural environments.

Station Contemporary Art Gallery
ul. Gustáva Mallého 2, Bratislava – Petržalka

The second motivation for creating the exhibition is the archive – our own and found, which we often obtain / find in physical or digital form and do not pay attention to. However, it can be full of "ecstasy", inspiration, exotics, desires, passions, natural motives, but also nudity or eroticism.

Interest in this topic stems from the previous collaboration of the authors, who presented themselves in the form of site-specific installations by fictitious environments, permanent-temporary gardens with rare flora in Pragovka in Prague, 2022; or at the festival of contemporary art DOM in Bratislava, 2021. For the exhibition "Extase" in the Station Contemporary Art Gallery, a series of new works was created, which are ingeniously transformed into objects, paintings, collages, post internet photographs.

Both artists approach the common theme authentically, but remain in a common dialogue.