Everything you wanted to know about Deleuze, but were afraid to ask

We invite you to a lecture on the relationship between art, philosophy and science in the thinking of Gilles Deleuze on Thursday, February 29 at "Vybavenô" at Radlinského 24. The lecture will be led by the philosopher M.A. Adam Svatik. The author of the poster is a doctoral student, Michal Šumichrast.




About the event

Deleuze defines philosophy as the creation of new concepts. How does such understanding of philosophy relate to art and science? What do these three ways of thinking have in common and how do they differ according to Deleuze?

The lecture will be conducted by philosopher M.A. Adam Svatìk


Poster author: Michal Šumichrast

Šumichrast Deleuze lecture - poster