The exhibition of bachelor's, master's and doctoral students at the Studio painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava is another joint performance outside the academic environment.

Rosenfeld Palace in Žilina

Exhibiting autors: Patrícia Bačenková, Pavel Baghy, Anna Mária Beňová, Marek Burcl, Martina Červenková, Petra Čížková, Paula Gogola, Dominik Hlinka, Patrik Hujo, Karin Langová, Barbora Lungová, Michaela Moravčíková, Jessica Prečuchová

Curator of the exhibition: Mgr. MgA. Barbora Lungová

The new, mostly exhibiting never-before-seen conditions for the presentation of paintings in the reconstructed spaces of the Art Nouveau palace are, at first glance, burdened with predestined historical meanings that require special attention.

It is the strong individual approach of young artists, the verification of their own abilities and possibilities, variable and reversible methods of creation that is an imaginary network that connects individual approaches, wherever and whenever they are. The title of the exhibition loosely associates this meaning, as well as the question of assertion in the world of artistic ideas and in life in general. The chosen selection of works is full of paradoxes, which open not only to painting and its relationship to other media, but also to the intermediality of its social and institutional dimension. Diverse approaches, including painting, drawing, objects, digital technologies, material work and performative activities, are fragments of the story of the studio's character as a collective art platform.

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