Emergency Biotope

The exhibition entitled Emergency Biotope is a presentation of students of the Studio of Photography from the Department of Photography and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

Photogether Gallery Zlín, Czech Republic


Silvia Saparová
Dominika Ličková

About the exhibition:

The exhibition entitled Emergency Biotope is a presentation of students of the Studio of Photography from the Department of Photography and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Emergency biotope as a fragment of the landscape with a certain fauna and flora, a place where it is possible to observe the natural cycle, the alternation of light and temperature conditions, but also a space for regeneration, inspiration and contemplation. It is about realizing and integrating one's own self into a larger whole / ecosystem. Biotope works in students' work as a studio, space for observation, experiment and recording. Subsequent depiction or creation of one's own landscape unit, observation of slow changes and patterns, discovery of microprocesses, details of the given environment, building a collection of visual records in chronological order, graduating in the final discovery of rebirth. Simulation of an ideal environment bringing detachment from the pressures of civilization, which were gradually implemented as part of everyday life. The final selection represents a sample of individual approaches of students as well as teachers through the photographic medium to the given topic.


Natália Angletová / Kristína Baloghová / Nataša Bošková / Dávid Hangonyi / Barbora Katuščáková / Marcus Oliver Obert / Jana Stankovičová / Sára Stupková / Anna Mária Špániková / Silvia Saparová / Dominika Ličková / Ema Lančaričová

The Studio:

The concept of the Studio of Photography is based on research into the depiction language of photography and analysis turned to the concepts of the photographic medium and its image. In several systematically repeated waves, we contribute to the discussion "of photography" and address issues in the areas of technological, material nature of photography in parallel with philosophical and epistemological considerations about this medium. The past, present and future of photography form the starting point for teaching in the Studio of Photography.

Photography is currently a broad entity, oscillating constantly between material and immaterial forms, between physical objects and free-floating images somewhere in the virtual environment. Photography is actually everywhere and at the same time "nowhere". The concept of the studio adapts to the current state of the photographic media in the current post-internet situation and its position in the dynamics of social networks. The current concept of the studio is based on the areas and topics that have been implemented in the studio in the past, such as. Digital vs. Analog, Uniqueness of the photographic image, Black box, Photography as a mirror of reality and Photography as a shared reality, Issues of Reality, Sensitive layer, Fingerprint mutation, Nude photography, Chiasma - contact point.

The core of the studio's philosophy is the current focus on the production of photography in its material form, research into the dissemination of photographic images and the relationship between photography and the images based on it. The goal in the near future is to copy this natural development of the medium and to follow the function of the photographic image in a digitized society and the current changed forms of communication.