Ema Lančaričová: Metanoia

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Ema Lančarovičová, a doctoral student at the Department of Photography, which we will open on May 28 at the Fotografic Gallery in Prague.



  • Opening: 28. 5. 2024, 19:00

  • Duration: 29. 5. - 20. 7. 2024 

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Why look into the cameras, There is something wrong with these clouds, Depth of photography, Metaphotography. Portraits of industrial cameras on various sizes of instant material, printed polaroids of the generated image, video encoded in augmented reality on a 100% chemical base. The multi-layered project METANOIA by the Slovak photographer Ema Lančaričová consists of several elaborate sets that, through experiments with analog photography, examine the most current positions of the medium of photography.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing our understanding of the photographer as an image creator. Algorithms influence the concept of perception of the technical image on a daily basis. Billions of photos stored somewhere in the cloud and at the same time the huge dimensions of data centers distort ideas about the physical form of photography. Ema Lančaričová's exhibition project, which is the result of her doctoral studies at VŠVU in Bratislava, asks the question of what photography is today from various angles and using various technical and intellectual approaches and reminds why the discussion about changes in new media is so important.

Ema Lančaričová (*1993)

studied at the Department of Photography and New Media at AFAD in Bratislava. As part of solo exhibitions, she presented her work in important institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and participated in group exhibitions and festivals throughout Europe and in Japan.

. www.emalancaricova.com