Discussion by Ľuba Belohradská, Beata Jablonská and Soňa Sadilková: PAVLA MAŇKA'S HIDDEN PLANETARIUM

We cordially invite you to a discussion - or rather a dialogue between Ľuba Belohradská, Beata Jablonská and Sona Sadilková: HIDDEN PAVLA MAŇKA PLANETARIUM or How to find a place for an artist which will take place on Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in TOTO! je galéria at Moskovská 29 in Bratislava.


  • TOTO! je galéria

    • Moskovská 29, Bratislava




Already it has been written many times in different forms: "Even though Pavel Maňka (1929 - 2015) is one of the main representatives of geometric abstraction in Slovakia, his work is still waiting to be discovered." But will it ever come? And what needs to be done to ensure that all high-quality - fascinating art that was created at a certain time and in a certain space is preserved for future generations?

What caused his name to be known only to a narrow group of experts? And what decides which parts of the created work will remain in the foreground and which, on the contrary, will be just an episode in the entire story of the author?

We will talk about how those (for many) mysterious processes take place with art historians Ľuba Belohradská, who wrote a lot about Pavlov Maňka - among other things, that he was the one who created the first image of geometric abstraction in Slovakia, and with Beata Jablonská, who spent months of research in his studio and is currently preparing a text accompanying his monograph and also with Soňa Sadilková, who preserved (and still preserves) the work of Pavel Maňka in its almost intact integrity.



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The lecture and research were supported by the Slovak arts council in the form of a scholarship.

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