Dávid Koronczi: Nothing else is needed here, just let it blow a little

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Dávid Koronczi: Nothing else is needed here, just let it blow a little. Synagogue Lučenec, Sunday 30.6.2024 17:00



  • Vernissage: Sunday 30.6.2024 at 5 p.m.

    • musical performance: Erik Pánči and Jaroslav Baláž – 7 p.m.
    • afterparty in Mulč. Place for culture (J. Kármána 2): DJ Krishpin – 9:00 p.m
  • Duration of the exhibition: 30.6.-31.8.2024


Dávid Koronczi: Nothing else is needed here, just let it blow a little banner

Collaborators of the exhibition:

  • curator: Erik Vilím
  • guests: Mária Čorejová, Zoja Koronczi
  • author of accompanying text: Jakub Juhás
  • production assistant: Jaroslav Baláž and Martina Szabóová
  • musical performance at the opening: Erik Pánči and Jaroslav Baláž
  • graphic design, project coordination: Dávid Koronczi
  • press release author: Erik Vilím



Dávid Koronczi's solo exhibition at the Lučenec Synagogue is the first more comprehensive presentation of his author's work in a home environment. Despite this, Koronczi's ambition is not self-presentation, on the contrary - in a sacred environment, he opens to visitors a very personal story connected with the city of Lučenec, but calls on the help of loved ones - an artist (Mária Čorejová), a writer (Jakub Juhás), musicians (Erik Pánči and Jaroslav Baláž) and family (Martina Szabóová and Zoja Koronczi). Their presence is no accident, Koronczi's artistic practice has always been built on the basis of close collaborations. The author plays the role of the creator of the atmosphere, surrounding conditions or concept in this exhibition as well, rather than the role of the author of the central work. At the same time - very unnoticed - he moves to the position of project manager.

The project created for the city of Lučenec offers an old theme dressed in a contemporary artistic language. It is precisely the home, to which the title of the exhibition "Nothing else is needed here, just let it blow a little" refers to it. This is a translation of the chorus "Nem kell ide más, csak fújjon a gál" from the song Othon (home) by the Hungarian musician, composer and singer Solére, which was released on her debut full-length album IMA (2022, Mertez Art).

The theme of home is literally present in this project right in front of our eyes – Koronczi creates an ambitious architectural intervention in the central space of the Lučenec Synagogue, which is inhabited not only by his drawings, but also by the works of Mária Čorejová or his daughter. Čorejová, the painter and guest of this exhibition, moves thinking about the home to sacred levels and creates a more tangible connection with the original function of the synagogue. The architectural entrance to the space also has the form of a house, referring to the cottage in the orchard of the author's grandfather.

Jakub Juhás is also an important guest of Koronczi's solo presentation. As an invited writer, also connected by personal roots to the city of Lučenec, he prepared an accompanying text, which replaces the dull gray of usual curatorial texts with its vivacity and literary micro[sound] drawing of Lučenec realities. Here, individual history mixes with the collective, the narrative spills over with hints of magical realism and DIY ethnography.

The local audience of Lučenec knows Dávid Koronczi mainly as a graphic designer. The Bratislava visual art scene records him as a teacher. The house and the individual adjusted drawings in it reveal a much richer identity through the poster form, shaped not only by Lučenec and its surroundings.

Erik Vilím


About the authors:

Dávid Koronczi (*1990)

is a graphic designer, artist and teacher. He completed a bachelor's degree in photography at the ITF in Opava and a master's degree in Atelier IN – Ilona Németh, at the Department of Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where since 2018 he has been working as Martin Piaček's assistant at Atelier vvv. In 2022, he began his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, BUT, under the supervision of Katarína Hládeková.



Erik Vilím (*1990)

 is an esthetician, curator, critic and cultural worker. Between 2017 and 2019, he completed doctoral studies at the Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication at the University of Konstantin Filozof in Nitra. His final work was entitled Meditative Expression in Visual Art. In 2024, he wrote a critical afterword to this text and thereby concluded its topic. His dream is to continue to programmatically devote himself to DIY aesthetics and act in the position of a professional hippie.




The exhibition is organized by:

  • Lučenec Synagogue, LUKUS and the City of Lučenec.

The partners are:

  • Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, University of Technology in Brno - Faculty of Fine Arts, Mulč. A place for culture.

The creation of the work and the exhibition were financially supported by

  • the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and the University of Technology in Brno - Faculty of Fine Arts