Dávid Čársky: Proporcia III

We cordially invite you to Dávid Čárský's solo exhibition at the Čin Čin gallery.


Čin Čin Gallery, Podjavorinskej 4, Bratislava
TUE - FRI 14:00 - 18:30


Opening: 8. 9. 2022 at 18:00

duration: 9. 9. - 14. 10. 2022




Beata Jablonská



"Even though Dávid Čársky studied stone sculpting and restoration at the Bratislava Secondary School of Arts and Crafts and graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, he decided to devote himself to painting. And he chose its extreme, abstract position, in which he gradually calmed the expressive position and tamed it into an almost undisturbed composition of pure monochrome surfaces. Around the year 2000, this compositional concept became his defining system, with a point built on the dialogic relationships of color fields. The surface he works with is then mostly a portrait format, divided into horizontal strips, where he tends to play a relational part in the upper part with smaller geometric elements − rectangles and squares.

The trace of a brush or spatula became the engine of expression in his painting. The surface painted with a spatula is an inconspicuous testimony of the author's existence, of the presence of his hand as an instrument sending subtle vibrations of emotions, recognizable in the structure of the surface. And precisely, in the last, or to be more precise, in some of the last paintings, it turns into a painting object - a pasty relief, modeled by multiple layering. After that, he does not usually interfere with the "body" of the painting built in this way with another color shade, but models it sculpturally by digging grooves into it as visible borders of image fields.

As he himself wrote: "The result may not (always) be balanced, even if in a geometrized or minimalistic position, the proportions seem to arrange themselves independently and suggestively into an 'aesthetic harmony'." If I consciously limit myself only to the question of form and exclude the interpretation of content, I can summarize my most current efforts to the permanent search for ideal proportions and colors for particular forms, as well as their harmonious placement within the whole. It is important for me that the dominant element has enough space to 'fade out', but without the ambition of any more concrete suggestions."

Observing the changing situation of proportional relations, despite the painter's strict asceticism, the viewer succumbs to two parallel suggestions: his own meditation and the pleasure of looking. He gradually immerses himself not only in his game, but also in himself. Enjoyment comes in concentration. In the level of possible stillness, which depends on the place, time and, of course, the emotional equipment of the viewer in question, he passes through color fields that disappear and appear on the horizon of the paintings. Calmly, balancedly and of course in his/hers own being. By themselves and for themselves."

(text by Beata Jablonská)


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