Celestína Minichová: What is Happening? Why you can meet performative arts in galleries

We cordially invite you to the next discussion in the cycle: ARTTALK with Jana Babušiaková and Celestína Minichová. The discussion will take place again at DOT.contemporary in the Jurkovič heating plant, but also online on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.



  • October 24, 2023, 6 p.m.

    • Free entry
    • Moderated by: Jana Babušiaková

Facebook event (+ stream)



Movement art working with the body is no longer the prerogative of only theaters and dance halls. It enters the galleries and confronts the works of art and the audience. Still unconventional and perhaps a little incomprehensible for many, it is an attraction and a spectacle for others. Today's era of digital experience affects the perception of performance as well as our lives and places new demands on it. Jana Babušiaková will talk to Celestína Minichová about what makes performance arts attractive to the youngest generation of artists and what possibilities and pitfalls are associated with them.

Minichova DOT Arttalk

Celestína Minichová

(studying in the vvv studio, at the Department of Intermedia, AFAD) is a transmedia artist focusing on creations that are connected to other feminist urgencies. Her interest finds its deepest center at the intersection of eco and xeno urgency, where it remains at rest in moments to slowly spill out. She tries to examine these intellectual, linguistic and moving phenomena from different points of view - to experience and understand them mainly through performativity, the creation of soundscapes and site-specific environments.


Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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