Architect Francois Roche will be the visiting professor at the AFAD in Bratislava

French architect Francois Roche will be hosting the Department of Architectural Creation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the summer semester of the academic year 2018/2019.

Francois Roche is an architect, co-founder of the architectural firm New Territories, which came from many other previous studios. Every two years, Roche changes the name of the studio or studio to "desecrate" the studio's habits and practices in order to find completely new practices for each task. This is also the source of his provocative expressions, which characterize himself, as well as the procedures in his own work.

Roche lives between Paris, New York and Bangkok. Migrations as well as changes in the names of the studio and changes in the identities of Roche himself are just another effort to break free from the codified organizational forms and express the hybridnometabolic character of his work. Once Roche himself characterized the evolution of his own architectural thinking, he said that at first they had the ambition to integrate nature as a substance in the studio, but now accept nature as a script protocol or plant growth algorithm, were mathematicians and then stopped mathematics because they became architects and sought unpredictable geometry of growth and evolution. That is why he himself refers to Viliam de Honnencourt and Gothic, which, according to him, never knew exactly how a particular cathedral would develop or to Gaudim, as well as to Kazumo Shinohar.

Francois Roche represents with his work the so-called polymorphic architecture in the interval from robotic to biomorphic architecture, on whose behalf he speaks as a transgender avatar and asks questions questioning power positions in architecture: "who speaks, who has the right to speak, who is entrusted with some authority (institution) on whose behalf he declares opinions" . He is interested in territories of power in which the position of architecture as such is critically re-evaluated, including the role of the architect in today's world.

Roche wrote about himself that he has not yet found a client for his experimental position, and therefore in his work there is a synthesis of various programs, interventions, interventions, designs and projects: from fleeting installations, through conceptual designs to models on a scale of almost 1: 1, from interventions in the ecosphere through the sociosphere to the technosphere, through information technologies, biological processes solve various types of pathological defects that affect not only the human world but also the robotic world.