An online discussion with the school psychologist II.

Dear students of the AFAD, we invite you to the second edition of the informal discussion, where we will be able to discuss both your experiences from the end of this semester and also what awaits you - exams and for some also state exams and diploma project defenses. It will be a friendly, informal discussion.

We will again meet in a space at the online platform Wonder (there is a link to a tutorial on how to use it further down on this page)

Event web address: 

Password (AFAD year of establishment): 1949

For a smooth meeting of the meeting, we recommend the participants to join in advance - the application will be ready from 19:45. Please make sure your speakers and microphone work.

We assume a duration of about 1,5 hours.

What will happen?

Here you will meet psychologist Martin Šarkan and counselor Tomáš Jančařík from the support and counseling center for students of the AFAD in Bratislava. And of course schoolmates across departments and grades!

We are thinking of 2 discussion circles, where we will switch places. In addition to a joint discussion, you will also receive input from both the psychologist (subjective dimensions of coping) and the counselor (study strategies and approaches) for each of the topics (mastering the end of semester work and mental preparation for exams and defenses, working with fear, anxiety etc.). Finally, there will be an opportunity for informal talk and discussion on any topic.

As this is an informal social event, we invite you to create a pleasant environment, take on hand everything that will make your time together more pleasant, ie. Food, drink, etc.

Original tutorial for the Wonder platform in English 

An informal discussion for VŠVU students is organized by the Support and Counseling Center.