The Alternative exhibition illustrates different approaches to mobility. The aim of the presentation is to provide visitors to the Slovak Pavilion at Expo Dubai with new possibilities for the design process and alternative transport.

Slovak Pavilion, Expo Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design and art-technical solution of the exhibition:
Mgr. Art. Peter Baumann

Mgr. Art. Žofia Babčanová ArtD.

Prof. Ing. Štefan Klein akad.soch.

Designer Prof. Ing. Štefan Klein akad.soch.

Creative modeler:
Mgr. Art. Peter Baumann

Author of the publication:
Mgr. Art. Žofia Babčanová

The exhibition chronologically documents the development of the Aircar from the first sketches to a functional prototype. Štefan Klein's aircar is exhibited in digital form in a 360-degree room. Peter Baumann presented the latest technological procedures applied to the car model in a scale of 1: 4. The model documents the change in the position of the modeler, who is creatively involved in the design process. Žofia Babčanová presented her publication Digital and virtual design drawing, in which she presented substitution design methods. The book describes  various methods that combine both digital and virtual tutorials and the blending of 2D and 3D world. Similar methods are gradually becoming the standard in renowned design studios. The exhibition also included the ceremonial opening of the Knowledge and Learning section in the presence of Secretary of State Paulis. The program included a lecture by prof. Klein and Babčananová's assistants about alternative mobility and new design methods.

Exhibition Alternative, EXPO Dubai