The Academic Library AFAD Regime in the Summer Semester 2022

The Library functions on a provisional basis from 9 a.m. till 2 p. m., with the study open in a restricted mode (read below). With the new rector's orders the regime will be adjusted.

The library including the study remains open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The library stuff is entitled to check readers' OTP passes.

Books borrowings

  • Books borrowings are possible in the so called vaccinated/tested/overcome (OTP) regime in accordance with the current rector's orders about the organization and times of entries to the building and the current government resolution.
  • You can order books (max. 5 items) via our library electronic system, by phone 02/59428562 between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. or by email:

You are requested to respect the distant form of ordering to avoid cumulation of people in the building.

Processed orders will be confirmed to you by email with a set date and time when you can pick up your ordered documents.

Receive of ordered documents and returning

  • Receive of ordered documents is allowed in front of the library entrance. We request our readers to follow the rector´s general orders about hygienic regulations and about the requested declaration of health state regarding Covid-19 - OTP passes.
  • Book returning is possible in front of the library.
  • For the issue of confirmations of liabilities settlement – see the procedure of book borrowing.


  • As of 21 February 2022 the study opens for the AFAD students and pedagogues in the OTP regime:
  • It is necessary to confirm the date of studying ahead – see the procedure for book borrowing
  • The number of seats is limited to four at the same time therefore you are kindly requested to respect the appointed date and time. Otherwise, you might not be allowed to the study. Assigned librarians will show you your seat. Please, consult with them the titles you wish to study – they will handle them to you. After finishing your study, do not return the titles to the shelves, please, leave them on your table.
  • For the present, we continue borrowing documents from the study for a limited period of 5 working days. The possibility of prolongation will depend on demand in the study.

Reprographic services

  • We offer the reprographic services – copy, scan, printing, according to our current price list. Send your document you wish to print to the above-mentioned email addresses or bring the document you wish to copy or scan and we will do it for you.

We appreciate responsibility of our guests wearing respirators and using disinfection.

We reserve the right to change the regime according to a current situation.