Palo Macho (supplemented edition)

Katarína Bajcurová, Sylva Petrová

Publisher: Petrus/VŠVU/o. z. Atelier Studená 10

Year of publication: 2020

EAN: 9788089913565


The second edition of the representative monograph presents Mach's work in words and images: you are accompanied by art historians Katarína Bajcurová and Sylva Petrová, who in their texts shed light on the principles of his thinking and creation, as well as his place in the wider international contexts of contemporary glass. The fundamentally expanded and supplemented edition of the book also includes a text by Meir Lubor Dohnal and an interview by Petr Michalovič with the author about interpretations - collaborations with other important figures of Slovak visual art (Ľudovít Fulla, Rudolf Fila, Jozef Jankovič, Ivan Csudai, Laco Teren, Jana Hojstričová, Svätopluk Mikyta ) and samples of joint works. At the same time, it also maps the latest work of the author until the year 2020. A separate section is dedicated to the photo documentation of important exhibition projects.

The book is published by the Petrus publishing house in cooperation with AFAD and c. a. Atelier Studená 10. The publication was published with the financial support of Fund for the support of art.


Palo Macho (supplemented edition) - cover