Monograph. Daniel Fischer

Jana Geržová, Juraj Mojžiš

Publisher: The author/VŠVU/Slovart/Circle of contemporary art Profile

Year of publication: 2016

EAN: 9788081890024


The monograph dedicated to the work of Daniel Fischer offers a retrospective view of the work of the artist, who devoted his life primarily to the investigation of the relationship between painting as a work of man and nature. He even leaves his paintings in the natural environment for a certain time and photographs them in contact with nature. Curators Jana Geržová, Juraj Mojžiš, but also personalities of Slovak cultural life such as Ilja Zeljenka, Roman Berger, Oleg Tatarka and Martin Bútora present the extensive work of this well-known Slovak artist and teacher. The narrative publication contains almost 400 reproductions and is published in Slovak and English.


Monograph. Daniel Fischer - cover