Creative workshop Kopanice, Brestovec

Author of the Project: Ľubo Stacho. Editors: Lenka Lukačovičová, Ľubo Stacho

Publisher: VŠVU

Year of publication: 2015

ISBN: 978-80-89259-92-2


In the time of global changes, migration, shaky European balance, students and teachers of the Department of Architecture and the Department of Photography of AFAD met on 12 September to 20 September 2015 at the creative workshop Kopanice in the village of Brestovec, near Myjava. The workshop's main tent was in the former church school, which has been converted into a workshop center. During the ceremonial evaluation of the workshop, the students presented all their work, and there was also an interesting discussion about AFAD's cooperation directly with the region in the presence of the mayor of Myjava P. Halabrín and the rector of AFAD S. Stankoci.


Creative workshop Kopanice, Brestovec - cover