Photo exhibition Pollinators in the city

WWF Slovakia, in cooperation with the Department of Photography and New Media of the AFAD, invites you to a new exhibition called "Pollinators in the City".




About the exhibition

From July 1, visitors to Bratislava's Nivy Center will be able to glimpse into the fascinating world of pollinating insects through large-format photos printed on material from recycled PET bottles. The exhibition, which brings interesting facts from the life of the small inhabitants of the city, will be available for free in the shopping center throughout the summer.



  • Breathtaking photos: See different types of pollinators up close in their natural habitat and detailed macro shots.
  • Educational Panels: Learn interesting facts about the lives of bees, butterflies and other pollinators, as well as their importance to urban ecosystems.
  • Tips to help them: You will find that each of us can really contribute to making important pollinators have better living conditions in the space we share together. We will advise you how to do it.
  • Cyanotype exhibition: The exhibition also includes a set of original works of art from the AFAD students, which depict prints of plants and flowers that are irreplaceable for insect pollinators. The plants were collected in urban locations and subsequently the so-called cyanotypes, tinted with natural extracts, for example from lavender, sage, turmeric, green tea or beetroot.



  • The exhibition "Pollinators in the city" is intended for everyone - from children, families, nature enthusiasts to experts. It is a great opportunity to spend time with relatives or friends, learn something new and get inspiration to improve our urban environment.
  • Come and discover the interesting world of urban pollinators. Find out how important these little creatures are to our lives and how we can all contribute to their protection. We look forward to your visit to the "Pollinators in the City" exhibition.


Pollinators - photo of a bee